Sunday, 24 April 2011

Randomness ... and a winner

Easter weekend has been amazing here and mostly because of the weather.

Hardly a cloud in the sky and hot, hot, hot.

The garden is already out of control and I can almost see the veggies growing. The chard from last summer is going to seed but as it's shooting flowers up so quickly I am letting it do so as I am fascinated by its strength and speed.

We have nettles you could lose a giraffe in and my chives are suddenly flowering in a big and blousy way.

Love it!


I managed to finish this little sundress made from a pillow case that I picked up in a charity shop a while ago.

If I use the word "vintage" it will seem very desirable indeed!

I am going to send it to my sister's little girl, Nancy, who has the great red hair to go so well with these colours!


We had Andrew's older children, Sarah and Tom, over today, along with their lovely Mum, Sue. Frank and all the rest of us enjoyed an Easter egg and Lindt bunny hunt in the garden.

I was just clearing up outside and found a couple of tiny, foil wrapped dark chocolate eggs that had been left in the sun.

I tried to pick them up very gently but they kind of exploded in my hand!

I was a chocolatey mess for a while there.

Rather befitting of the great chocolate festival that Easter has become.

Interestingly (and I am aware that I am playing fast and loose with that word here for some of you!) Frank's BG numbers have been in the low teens but holding steady, which is amazing as I have tried to make no references to him NOT having nibbles of chocolate today.

I just wanted to let him be.

To let him eat chocolate if he wanted to or leave it if he wanted to.

He isn't so bothered but I fear telling him he shouldn't and then seeing him really WANTING it because it's forbidden.

We'll see how that pans out in the future, hey?


We also have a winner of the "breathe" poster.

As I only had five people interested I threw a dice.

Twice number six came up (!) and then came number two : Annicles.

So big congratulations to Anna.

If you could let me know your address I will pop it in the post to you as soon as I can.

I really hope you'll love it as much a I love mine.


Also Andrew was just telling me that T1D friend he has adores the rather talented Tim Booth and met him today.

I was reminded of how much I love "James" and how I used to play this song at top volume in my classroom at the end of a long day, and only, I assure you, once all the kids were gone!

My, how it cleared the energy and brought joy rushing back in.

And we all need that.

What songs do that for you, I wonder?


And my final act of randomness in my most random post to date is this:

I'm now off to watch "Ghostbusters".


It's such a fun film and I just heard Bill Murray say,

"Back off buddy, I'm a scientist".

It's going to be a great evening!


  1. Ooooooh, huge James fan here too! I got to see them in concert a few times. Elise and I often have dance parties to Mr. Booth's music!

    Not too many people know of them on this side of the pond though... too bad. They're missing out on some great music!

  2. Wow - that's the first time I ever won anything. Thank you! I'll email you my address.

    The weather has been incridible. Can you beleive we had less rain than the Sahara Desert in the last month!

  3. I love your vintage dress :)

    My girls seriously discovered Ghostbusters by accident a couple weeks ago....they loved it :)

  4. that vintage dress too Jules! AND...bummer on the contest. I would have entered, but have been entertaining family for a week and was "sporadically" participating in the DOC. I feel so outta the loop.

    Sounds like a wonderful Easter. And...I agree, I don't tell Joe "no" with the candies...and he doesn't over do it at all. I hope it works out well for you too.

  5. I can't believe I missed your contest! I LOVE Nikki McClure...ah well...

    And Nettles...yum! I still dream about a nettle soup I had here in Seattle one spring..I never ever see them at market and have always wanted to replicate that amazing soup..envious that you are growing your own. Please share a good nettle recipe if you happen to have one..

    And Ghostbusters..are you watching with Frank? I wonder if Addison would enjoy it...I remember loving it when I was younger..

    We didn't say no with candies either..Addison had a chocolate egg and some gummy sweets this morning before breakfast! Sound like you had a lovely day...XO

  6. btw..I am feeling a little silly asking if you were watching with Frank..I went onto netflix and watched a preview and remembered that it is indeed a bit scary with lots of adult humor..obviously it has been a LOOOOOONG time since I viewed it (damn it...I am getting old!). Hope you had fun watching it..

  7. What a lovely day you had and I agree about the candy, letting kids be kids. Congrats to Anna for winning! Spring is almost here in PA and we are so looking forward to it, it brings change, of weather, of hearts, of minds. I love it. Here's hoping Spring settles in your area too!

  8. Congrats, Annicles!!!!

    "Who you gonna call? Diabusters!!!!!" Oh my, I need some more coffee.

    I love the dress . . . are ya gonna model it for us?!