Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Still Life with Needles

My knitting projects in progress, a completed hat and Frank's insulin pens and needles.
On October 10th 2008, just after 5pm, my boy was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.
He was just 2 years old.
I had taken him to the doctor to get diabetes ruled out. He had been demanding water all day and right through the night and we were exhausted getting up so frequently to fill his little sippy cups. He was also soaking through his nappies in about half an hour. The washing machine was on constantly. Bedding was changed twice a night and we were kind of lurching from day to day not really registering that our routine was abnormal and our child was ill.
When Doctor Tarala pricked his finger and tested the drop of blood that came out he registered at 19.4. She didn't say anything but just looked over at the nurse, Louise, whom I had known through friends for years. Louise looked at me and just said "Sorry, Julie". I cried immediately. Quiet tears so as not to frighten Frank. Dr. Tarala called the children's ward there and then and booked a bed for us. We went home for dinner, packed a bag and went straight to the hospital.
Shortly after that I took up knitting again. Frank was into CBeebies for half an hour of an evening and I needed something to occupy my hands then and during other hospital and doctor appointments. Knitting helped me so much at the time to have a focus other than diabetes. It went some way to quieting the white noise in my head. It still provides such solace as I tap into a creativity I remember having as a teenager. I have even started sewing again and will blog my completed projects soon.
So, there are needles and needles and needles in my house. Some are for relaxing and some are used to keep my baby alive.
I love them all.

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  1. What a wonderful picture of our family life. Needles do so much for us. With love, A