Monday, 9 November 2009

Bat Sev to the rescue

There is a lot going on up here on Muffin Moon Mountain. I am on fever watch as Frank lies sleeping in my bed. Type 1 and fevers do not a happy marriage make. This will be a short post and I've had no time for Bench Monday either.

However, darling Sev, on feeling the stressed Mummy vibes when she got in from town this evening has leapt into action Batman style and baked a chocolate orange cake. Perhaps there was a silent distress call from me, a yellow Converse sign lit up the sky and she came out of the Sev Cave to help me in my hour of need. She brought my hefty slice to me with creme fraiche and slices of ripe pear.

Vive friends that bake!

Vive freinds that know how you are feeling almost before you do!

And a huge VIVE to Sev!

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