Saturday, 2 October 2010

Assington Mill

Two blogs in one day, I'm channelling Reyna here!
Today saw me on an all-day bread baking course at the stunning Assington Mill in Suffolk ( my home county).
My lovely friend Anne had bought me this day as a birthday present way back in March.
There were ten of us and the tutor, John, and we all had such a great time.
For me a whole day, uninterrupted by a small, and also adorable, four year old clamouring for attention was relaxing and energising.
I love hanging out with my boy but am constantly amazed at how very much I can achieve when left alone.
So here are a few pictures of my day.
The light was bad and I think Frank had smeared the lens with hot chocolate the other day so it's all rather foggy.
I came home with five loaves of bread:
  1. Soda bread
  2. Spelt bread
  3. Sourdough bread
  4. Brioche
  5. Kamut bread

For a few days I won't need to write about what we will be eating.

It'll be bread.

Luckily I made a big dish of hummus and another of tzaziki yesterday.

We have olives and I'll make falafel and dinner will be sorted for the next week! Yeast doing its thing in my bowl.

The work station I shared with the lovely Riaz.

The converted barn where we spent our day.

Spelt loaves in their bain Marie and sitting in the sun on the window sill to boost yeast action.

Soda bread cooling on the window sill.

My sourdough sitting and looking pretty.

All My Sons. Sorry, all my loaves. The burning happened due to the nature of the oven and not my bad baking.
John assured us all of this as we all had burnt bits here and there.
Ahem ...
Thanks, Anne, it was such a great gift and I had the best time.


  1. Hmmm, might have to have some insulin just to drool over your bread photos.

  2. This is SERIOUSLY COOL Jules! I love baking bread. I have done it sans a bread machine and with a bread machine... the bread machine is easier. Your sons are quite handsome I must say! ENJOY. Hopefully you got a carb factor on those bad boys!!! :)

  3. I love that you have little adventures here and there to do your own thing! It is such a gift!