Sunday, 10 October 2010

Celebrating his two year Diabetes birthday!

So, 10th October is a memorable day for us.
It is Frank's diagnosis day and we have taken to celebrating it as his Diabetes Birthday. This is our first year of doing this as even last year we were too freaked out still to feel like celebrating.
Now though, it feels different, and I am aware of wanting Frank himself to be involved in celebrating.
I spoke to him about it yesterday evening as I was putting him to bed and said we'd make a cake. He said chocolate would be "the best, 'cause it's may fay-vrit and it needs chocolate buttons in a circle and berries in stripes".
Who am I to fly in the face of such good taste?
So, as we drank our Smoothie Sunday smoothies we made a sugar-free chocolate cake from this book.
It rose really well and tasted fabulous.
I covered it in a chocolate ganache made from double cream with melted 80% Green & Blacks in it and then my little artist got to work with his decorating.

He did a great job and enjoyed two pieces today! Some family and friends popped in to help us eat the cake and we still have two slices left for tomorrow.
In putting Frank to bed this evening I suggested one was for him and one for Daddy.
His reply?
"Maybe I could have both as it was my cake?" delivered with wide, innocent eyes and a cheeky smile.
Hmmmm ....
Hope you all had a lovely weekend too!


  1. Congrats on your 2 year Diaversary Frank! You are a great boy - full of life and love - oh, and you have one wonderful Mama! Happy 2 years sweetie!

  2. Yay for Frank and his yummy creation Jules. Thinking of you today. It sounds like you made it a memborable one for Frank you awesome D mama!

    xoxo from Vermont, USA

  3. Beautiful cake their anything crafty you don't do?! You are amazing!

  4. Happy d-birthday. Siofra (newly diagnosed) sends her best

  5. Wow. You sure raised Frank to have some awesome taste in cake. That thing looks delicious!