Friday, 31 December 2010

Oedipus and I'm Wrecked

This scene on from our week sees Frank out for the count on the sofa and me wrapped in blankets, reading, feeling crap.
Hello all.

Here I am raising my head again and realising a whole week has gone by.

The sniff and the red nose turned into a full-blown cold with added extras of a fever and hacking 40-a-day cough.

I managed to get through cooking for nine on Christmas Day and then declared myself an official wreck.

Frank caught the lurgy too after wishing me better by kissing me repeatedly all over my face! It has thus been a lively week in terms of BG testing and insulin needs and sleep has been lacking for all of us.

The Mexican wave of lurgy continued to our lovely French guests, Severine and Louise, who left us on Tuesday with cheery waves and hacking coughs.

Now Mr Muffinmoon has it but declares himself "at 80%" (yes, he is a nerd with numbers, great for a D-parent really).

Frank has been sleeping in with us whilst our guests were in his room and the other night Mr M left us together in the big bed to sleep well and in peace in the spare room.

Frank declared, on waking, that it would be good idea for Daddy to sleep there all the time "because I just want to be with you all the time and you're not prickly".

Be still my heart.

That boy can floor me when he says things like this and as much as I love my husband, I could so easily go for this Oedipal scene.

I like hearing him breathe and sleep so much better myself when he is with us.

I am very much in favour of co-sleeping in general and defy any family to say that their children have never forced games of musical beds into their lives!

Now with us all ill it makes sense to sleep near each other because we can and the carrot of a little bit more sleep is a potent one indeed.

So, it is New Year's Eve and we are poised to enter our third year as parents of a diabetic child.

A child that makes my heart sing like nothing else.

A child I want to raise to engage with life and never let his diabetes hold him back from taking part in anything he wants to try.


Happy New Year to you all!

Much , much love and a big hug ( at arm's length, of course, in case I infect you).
And I leave you with a photo of what remains of the Christmas Cake.
Huge great chunks of it were given away to family and friends and Frank won't eat it, but it is still tasting great and looks so lovely with its hat of nuts.

My post seems to be weirdly spaced, a bit like me this past week! Apologies for that, will try to sort it soon.


  1. Happy New Year to you and your family, Jules! And, I love sleeping with my kiddos and will do it EVERY chance I get. Feel better soon!

  2. Oh, ugh! I am usually sick over Christmas--my body knows it can crash then! This year, thankfully, it's passed me by. I hope you feel better soon!!!

    We're still co-sleeping, and no matter how many kicks I get in the night (many!), I love every minute of it. Good for you for being so flexible with it. :-)

  3. Oh so sorry you are not well, that is no fun at all! Happy new year to you and Frank, who would be sharing a bed with mama after that statement! Hope 2011 brings you joy and peace dear friend!

  4. YUCK! I'm so sorry you've been so ill :(

    I do so enjoy nights cuddled with my girls...have to admit that we play musical beds/couches around here a lot!!!!

    I hope you feel completely better STAT and have a very happy start to 2011.

  5. Jules your love and words about Frank are beautiful. I love how you are defiant of "d" not holding him back from anything he chooses to do in this life.

    Happy New Year and I hope you feel better soon...and thanks for keeping me at arms length so not to innoculate me! LOL.

    Love, Love, Love you Jules. You are one of a kind for sure. I am so grateful I met you this year.

  6. I'm so sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well :( I hope that you recover quickly and that the start of 2011 brings with it many blessings and joy for you and your family!

    Happy New Year, dear friend!!!

  7. Feel better dear friend and best wishes for a very happy New Year!!