Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Camping it up

A picture heavy post giving you a glimpse into our long weekend away camping in the Cotswolds.The new bell tent stood up well to some major gusts of wind and we were a bit chilly at night, but this was northern Europe in April!

Frank loved sleeping in his grobag again; something he hasn't done since he was three.Breakfast was taken outside most days with us enjoying homemade granola, marmalade on toast, pains au chocolat and lashings of tea!

Frank took some photos of the camp too.

The tree next to the tent made great shadows inside and my boy was rosy-cheeked and wind-swept most of the time ( a haircut is booked for tomorrow so enjoy that long, lop-sided hair for now!).

Budd wore his cap and struck a great pose without even realising it here.

He is getting a beard trim this week too.

This trip also saw our first site failure.

Of course it would happen in a tent rather than in the comfort of our own home!

But it was sorted quickly and all was well.

Interestingly the trigger felt really different on the insertion thingy (the techinical term!) than with any of the others I have done and the canula came out all bent and covered in blood.

Frank was non-plussed by this and so we just put a new one in.

I am constantly amazed at how he takes all this in his stride.

However, we have had tears and deals needing to be struck just to get his hair cut booked tomorrow, so he chooses his battles!

Off to catch up on all your news now.

Toodle -oo!


  1. Love the long hair....I just chopped off Joe's and Bridget...asked for a haircut too. She wanted it short. Well she is now crying saying she looks like a boy and everyone is going to laugh at her tomorrow at school. UGH.

    Looks like a great time.

    Missed ya!

  2. looks like it was a fantastic time and I adore his hair :)

  3. Fun times and I love Franks hair!

  4. I want to come camping with you guys! Addison and Chris camped out in our backyard last night...I was looking at our small tent and thinking about your large one..I told Chris we needed to get a bigger tent and he said.."It's ok, we have 2" Sigh..I have tent envy. I love all your photos..both boys are looking adorable/handsome!

  5. Looks . . . well c-o-l-d! I only like to camp in the perfect weather conditions. Since the hardly ever happens, I stay snug in my comfy bed ;)

    Frank is a natural with the camera! I love the photo of Budd.

  6. Jules,
    I can't even tell you...your comment on my blog yesterday brought me to tears. Thank you for guessing at etiquette; I'm having to do the same, as I can't figure out how to make this private.

    It's been an extremely difficult year here. One thing after another. The one that finally completely crippled my ability to blog is that my mother--one week after announcing her retirement and her plans to move close to us--was diagnosed with breast cancer spread to all her bones. I work 50 hours a week and am struggling to find the time I want to spend with her, as well as living life with all its little details, and am so so sad, and just can't find it in me to blog these days. There's more, but that's probably enough for a comment, huh? For now, I'm reading when I can and hoping that some day soon I'll be feeling up to writing again.

    I am so so grateful for your thoughts and your concern and your comments.

    (I love your photo of Frank with his long hair in front of the shadowy tent, by the way.)

  7. Love the pictures...looks like you had a wonderful time, despite a site failure! Sending big HUGS your way!

    Happy Mother's Day, Jules!!!