Saturday, 21 May 2011

Off to breathe ...

Hello again, peeps!

I took your advice and took some time out from the electronic world.

My lovely husband also came home early from Scotland. It was a mixture of knowing I was struggling and being a bit fed up with the wind howling in his face and the rain making him wet and cold.

It is good to have him home.

Thank you all for coming to my aid with kind words and support (even you, Amy!).

It was very much needed and much appreciated too.


We are off camping tomorrow.

This is our summer holiday; a week in our beautiful tent down on the Devon coast and then a couple of days on my sister's farm in Dorset on the way home.

This could be my week:

Fresh air, sunshine, Devon cream teas, days on the beach, Plymouth Sealife Centre, the Devon Moors and wild ponies, reading, clotted cream ice-cream, knitting, local markets and sleeeeeeep, precious sleeeeeep.

Then again, this is England, so it could be :

Rain, wind, hail and sleet, trench foot, soggy sandwiches, rain, caterpillars in my salad (this happened to me in the Cotswolds last time we camped!)and no sleep.

However, I am hopeful.

Our campsite is one mile from a beach called Hope Bay.

Want to join us?!

In preparation for the trip I ignored all my lovely husband's ideas of packing early and took to sewing instead.

Each of us now has a nifty bag for the trip.

Andrew's bag : be.

Frank's bag : Frank Budd Loves Sea Creatures (his exact words when asked if he'd like "create" or "Frank" or something short and snappy!).


And my bag? Well, you've seen it before and I am only doing what you told me to.

Back in about ten days with oodles of photos and, no doubt, some real Devonian quality cellulite from all the clotted cream teas!

Love to all, and may your next ten days be fabulous and full of good times.


P.S. Look! I didn't mention the D!!!!

Jen told me this time would come and it has.

I call friends and don't talk about it all the time.

I meet people in town and I don't mention it!

Life goes on ...


  1. Have a wonderful holiday! Enjoy the clotted cream teas and ice cream!

    I love the bags! They're fantastic!

  2. Good luck in staving off the trench foot and caterpillars! So glad Frank came home early! I ADORE your bags! Have a lovely holiday! :D

  3. You couldn't handle the heat and left the kitchen, eh? I hope you know my snarkiness is reserved for my favorite people ;).

    I am glad your break did the trick and I KNOW you aew feeling better if you got back in the sewing room and wgipped up some goodness.

    I wish you good weather, great food and even steven numbers for Mr. Frank. I can't wait to see all the photos of the sea creatures he collects.

    Be well, my friend

  4. YEAH for family trips. Often I don't even care where we're going, just that we're together and I am no longer the lone adult with two rowdy boys! Hope the weather holds up nicely, you eat tons and tons of delicious food and come back more rested than when you left.
    :) PS love the bags!

  5. Hope you are having a wonderful holiday!!!

  6. AWWW...Thanks for the update and have FUN on VACAY!

  7. Hoping your time is serene and full of little moments that make life wonderful.

    I love your bags...please take pics of the loot you run across :)

  8. Hugs and kisses Jules..have a WONDERFUL time! Those bags are gorgeous! I think you should set up shop on ETSY. I would buy your bags in a heartbeat!
    Glad to hear D is taking a backseat to doesn't always but it is pretty amazing when the time comes and you don't feel like something d related is the first thing to fall out of your mouth. Yes!