Sunday, 24 January 2010

Unappreciated genius in my kitchen

As I served dinner this evening to a select crowd of two boys, one of 54 and one of 3 and a half, I was informed by the younger of the two that he'd prefer "something nice, Mummy, not chicken with custard".

Back to the drawing board methinks for improvements on the presentation of my coconut chicken curry and brown rice.

My genius is so unappreciated.
However, I did manage to rally this evening and make some walnut maple syrup rolls for breakfast tomorow.
The little one will be on oatmeal and water after his comment and will have to sit and watch me lavishly spread butter on my rolls and sigh with joy at my yummy breakfast.
The gloves are off, boy!


  1. Can you start sharing some of your recipes? The rolls look yummy!

  2. Chicken in custard -very funny! Ditto on the bread roll recipe please!