Sunday, 19 February 2012

light :: chai :: smoothie moustaches

Our breakfast table this morning saw us enjoying Berry Blast smoothies from Heather's Wholefood Kitchen and, for balance you understand, croissants alongside!
Today saw crisp clear blue skies, the like of which are so very welcome in February and which lift the spirits so immediately.
The light in the dining room at breakfast time (around 8am) was just gorgeous and here you can see our usual set up of diabetes kit, Lego instruction manuals and breakfast.
In this rather foodie post I must also mention that Andrew and I have been enjoying the odd chai made with rice milk of an evening. It has been lovely on these chilly evenings to sip something so gently spicy and warming.
I managed to give up tea and coffee about ten days ago.
I love both but had such a snotty heavy cold that I couldn't face the cow's milk I normally have in tea and the thought of a milky latte made me feel ill, so I went cold turkey on the caffeine and thus the milk.
After a couple of days I had a few hours when I would have gladly sold a kidney for a cup of really strong tea or coffee but then it was fine.
I had been using oat milk in cooking and smoothies but this week tried rice milk and prefer its taste. The problem here can be that these things are not so easy to come by. The big supermarket near me, for example, sells oat milk but not rice milk. For rice milk I have to travel further. I suppose it all boils down to me getting organised and buying in bulk as all these things are long life products anyway!
And, of course, how could I not post this picture of Frank with a great big smoothie moustache?! We've had smoothies twice this week already and I am finding them a great way to sneak all kinds of goodies into my suspicious around food boy!
The Wholefood Kitchen course is going really well and my intention for the course is to really increase my intake of veggies. I love them but admit I am lazy about eating loads of them. Fruit I manage more often but veggies take a bit more prep and I have committed myself to taking the time to make this happen.
This evenings meal of curried vegetable chowder was soooo tasty and will last two more meals, so the prep time really isn't wasted.
Happy Sunday to you all.


  1. Just can't stop staring into those amazing eyes!

    Oh, and the mustache is too stinkin' cute!!

  2. Curried vegetable chowder? Yum!!

    We too have been enjoying the odd days of blue skies in February. They really do lift the spirits, it has been so nice!

  3. I believe the best light comes from early February mornings! Glad you're enjoying some. And, speaking of enjoying, Frank with that precious berry 'stache and butterfly lashes . . . . . Oh my. Put him in the light and your have enjoyment for hours!

    I almost joined Heather's whole kitchen. Shoot. Guess I will have to settle for the enviable glimpses from your kitchen ;)

  4. I love the smoothie moustache!!
    I find it difficult to get oat milk in supermarkets and yet rice milk is easier - maybe it's to do with demand in our different areas?
    I almost joined Heather's course, too, but didn't think I could commit to it. I hope you get what you want out of it x

  5. happy sunday indeed! love the lego manuals and the expression above the mustache. thanks for the lovely words and photos.