Sunday, 5 February 2012

pancakes :: snow :: a quilt

In an attempt to record and share more of our days (because they are so immensely fascinating, you understand!) I am going to try to post often in the same way as Heather, whose daily posts have been a wonderful source of beauty and out-breaths recently.
We have taken to having pancakes for breakfast every Sunday and that little routine sees me jumping out of bed before the boys to pad downstairs and mix the batter, so it can sit for a while before we start cooking.
We each have our favourite topping.
Frank goes for agave syrup (although having read about it recently I will be removing it from the pantry soon) and Andrew and I go for lemon juice and maple syrup.
We get two pancakes each (big, thin ones like crepes) from a mix of 4floz oat milk, 1 egg, 4oz spelt flour, pinch salt and 1 tbsp oil.
It leaves us rather wanting a little more but that's no bad thing.

And the table always groans under the weight of Lego. Every meal!

We had snow last night.
About five inches and it drifted so in parts of the garden it was quite high.
Straight after pancakes we headed out, all layered up, to throw snowballs at each other and get thoroughly cold.
Today was the day when I realised I have a hole in my wellies and my feet were very cold very quickly.
My lovely blokes longjohns worked a treat though!

And in the late morning I managed to complete my first ever quilt. Here you can see it on the big bed, although it is for Frank and his little bed next to ours.
The fabric was from the V&A stall at a Knit & Stitch Show two years ago and is all based on fabrics from the V&A archives.
They are beautiful and I am so glad to have been able to keep them together.
You can see in this picture how we sleep.
Frank sleeps directly next to me in a little bed (Andrew cannily took a saw to a regular single bed and made a kind of Frankenstein's monster of a bed!).
Frank didn't used to sleep here, except when he was tiny, but I never rested well with him away from me.
This way we all sleep better and I can check on him frequently because, let's face it, the deep sleep we all used to enjoy pre-kids and especially pre-diabetic kids is AWOL for a while.
It works for us, for now.
He learnt to make snowballs today.
And throw them.
His little snow suit is one brought back from a Finnish flea market by a friend.
We rarely get this much snow but this suit is fabulous when we do.

Tomorrow the Wholefood Kitchen starts for Andrew and I.
Will post more on that in the morning.


  1. I love the simple pictures of your beautiful life. Blessings abound and those quilts are GORGEOUS!

  2. Ooh--snow and crepes! I'm jealous!

    Your quilt came out great! And good for you for any solution that gets you a bit more rest at night. (Lucy sleeps with us, too. Just found myself enduring grandma-disapproval today, but oh, well. It works for us.)

  3. Simple things are the best! We did pancakes every Saturday when I was growing up and it's an awesome memory. :)
    Love the quilt...beautiful fabrics.

  4. thanks for introducing me to heather's blog and also something called V&A! i so love ALL of your photos and the peek into your daily lives. beautiful.

  5. I have been so out of it with just finally retrieving our computer from the land of renovation (UGH!) glad to jump on here and see another glimpse into your lovely life...we all sleep side by side, too. For so long we just kept Isaac's crib as a side car but have moved up to using a twin bed next to ours, too. It has been hard to go back to all smooshing together over here at the in-laws, but I am still thankful for a warm bed.
    Glad you're enjoying the snowy winter so much, I loved our week of snow, too :)