Wednesday, 9 March 2011

My Funky Tent

Thanks for all your kind comments on my last post.
I was glad to be welcomed back by such an esteemed group of people!
A couple of days ago there was a knock at the door and we took delivery of this beauty.

My birthday present from Mr Muffinmoon: a beautiful, funky bell tent.
I have always loved the style of these tents and my sister and her partner have one, which we stayed in once when on their farm.
I have no pictures of the inside yet as I want to take lots when we are actually using it and it's full of sheepskins and blankets and cushions, but inside is one open space with the tent pole in the middle.
I love the natural material.

Even the mallet is wooden and these cool tent pegs are so natural and rough that they look like Hagrid whittled them in a free period from teaching at Hogwarts!
I love them.
Is it insane to love a tent peg?
Hmmm... maybe ...

And this past weekend we erected the tent, Mr Muffinmoon being unable to not make comments about large erections, and watered it well. This, you understand, is not to make it grow into a bigger tent or bear tenty fruit but to enable the fibres to swell with the water and then as they dry the whole thing becomes water proof.
For you knitters out there it is blocking for tents.
This is England.
On our first camping trip with it I will find out whether that has worked or not!
It will rain at some point, indeed possibly at all points.
For the moment it sits in the garden, weathering, much like I lie next to my boy every night, weathering these first few weeks of life with Lucky Pump.
Tomorrow I have to change the pump site all alone as Mr Muffinmoon will be out late earning a crust (his job is safe for a few more months, by the way!).
And tomorrow I'll give you the soup recipe.
Blogging every day.
What the ...
I seem to be an all or nothin' kind of gal at the moment.
Ah, well, so ist das Leben.


  1. I love your tent, it's marvelous! And for what it's worth, I would have joined in the erection jokes :0)

  2. That's not a tent, it's a Marquee!!! I can just imagine some nice felt rugs and cushions inside too! Good luck with the site change - it will get easier.

  3. I always miss you when you are quiet! That is a wonderful Tent! I am a bit envious! We have such a puny one!! You will rock the site change Jules! You can do it!