Tuesday, 15 March 2011

My Love the Poet # 2

A week ago saw us at SlackSpace in Colchester for a national evening called The Big Book Bang as part of World Book Night.
Andrew was performing as his alter ego Fred Slattern, Colchester's Slum Poet!
For once Frank was allowed out in the evening and was very excited to come with me to watch Andrew and others perform. When a little music was played Frank did a bit of dancing.

And at one point, I swear, he even channelled Reyna!

The poems were well received and everyone smiled when Andrew took to the stage for the second time with a four and a half year old attached to his leg!
It was a proud evening for me.
Fred Slattern will be appearing this coming Saturday morning at SlackSpace in a day-long event to raise funds for relief in Japan.
Maybe we'll see you there?


  1. I had to do a double-take on Frank channeling your's truly. I was laughing out loud actually...too cute.

    And...kudos to Big Swifty on the poetry. You two are my most unique and cultured friends. I heart you and I soooo hope we all get to meet someday. Wouldn't that be grand?

  2. How lovely! I feel worldly when I read about your life... and now poetry, ahhhh. Just wonderful.

  3. Muffinmoon, my girls and I really like the idea of the SlackSpace gig on saturday. If we got the train from Ipswich would we be able to walk there from the station? A-and.. what time is your husband due on stage? It would be cool to see him perform!

  4. Looks like SO much fun! Frank has the sweetest face..We would be there in a heartbeat if we didn't have those land masses and oceans in our way!