Sunday, 27 March 2011

This was the week that ...

...saw such wonderful Spring weather that we found loads of ladybirds sunning themselves in the garden and couldn't resist letting them crawl over our hands (I was secretly daring this one to try to nip Frank's finger! He has such tough fingers the ladybird would probably hurt itself more trying!!). ... saw us drinking green smoothies, although, to be honest this has now stopped. Frank objected to the colour, Andrew wasn't fussed and I am avoiding raw food for while (more on that soon).
... saw me completing my Reiki II course and loving it. (Thanks Meg, Lisa and Liz!)

... saw Frank and I planting garlic, and masses of it, in the garden. There will be no vampires on this side of town!

... saw Andrew and I planning a camping trip to Devon. Cream teas! Oh yes!

... saw me so tired that I could barely function. I need to sleep ... but wait a moment, maybe sleep isn't what I need (more on this later in the week)

... saw me changing Franks pump alone (twice!) and Frank not crying but looking at me and saying, "It didn't even hurt".

It has been a busy week full of activity and joy.

The house is neglected as is only good and proper during a week of such balmy temperatures that we have been outside most of the time.

Frank's BGs have been understandable rather than random and long may that continue.

All is busy but well on Muffinmoon Mountain.

Goodnight all!

Back soon (I won't leave it a week this time).


  1. Sounds heavenly Jules! Ahhh did the raw food give you the runs? I am curious...sounds like a good story brewing there for know how I like a GOOD story!

    And. So happy to hear about Frank's numbers. I am finding as Joe nears 8 that they are making more and more sense and aren't so freakin' ridiculous. (((HUGS))) to all three of you. I LOVE your family bunches.

  2. Yum, garlic!!

    Hope all is well, are there some foods causing you havoc???

    My husband left to chef for the scouts this weekend and forgot to change the boys sets before he left! Gasp! I was left to do it myself, and although I can...I don't like to! humph!

    Weather man says sunny weather here this week...I'll believe it when I see it!

  3. How I long for some green grass and leaves! We woke up to a good inch of new snow this morning - at least it covers up the heaps of gently melting grey snow/ice! Glad the set change 'didn't even hurt'!

  4. Sounds like a good week.
    I will be interested to hear about tiredness not needing more sleep. This is something I have suspected for a while but I'd love to know the alternative!
    We didn't make it to Slack Space, due to tiredness!

  5. Sounds like a great week! I love calm seas every once in a while!

  6. I'm sooo glad all is calm...and I'm jealous of your weather. We just had the Kansas 1-2 here. The trick I'll call it. 80 degrees for a few days (all decked out in shorts and T's) then the SNOW...ugh! It causes a mass depression in Kansas! We planted potatoes and onions in the garden, just to hope they don't FREEZE! I look forward to more posts on the sleep and veg. issue. I'm guessing your raws are coming from Japan?! =) Ha! ((hugs))

  7. waiting for a good story.
    What do you plan on doing with all that garlic? I wish my husband liked it a bit more last time I planted it I was the only one consuming it and garlic is definitely not an ingredient you want to consume alone :)