Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Shrove Tuesday

So, ahem, more than a week has slipped by with me not finding time to post.
I will attempt to address the balance by posting more regularly for the next few days.
We are doing fine.
Lucky Pump is ticking over and we even managed to do a site change with no tears on Frank's part.
I cried though.
I spend the day of set change building up to it and get in a bit of a state at the moment, but I recall doing that with the injections and it got easier.
It's Shrove Tuesday today, aka Pancake Day, and Frank is (I'm almost scared to jinx it all by writing it) showing more interest in a variety of foods so we went for pancakes for dessert this evening.
Andrew is great at tossing the pancakes in the pan and he and Frank did that together.

Then they were enjoyed with a little muscovado sugar and lemon juice.

Frank ate two and declared them "really yummy".
I was proud of him as his usual response to an offer of an undesirable food is to make barfing noises and fall to the floor clutching his throat.
I then reply with withering sarcasm, "A simple "No thanks Mummy" would suffice Frank".
And on we roll.
Back soon with tales of my new tent (a birthday gift) and a recipe for the soup we've been going mad for for the past month.
Happy Tuesday, friends.


  1. He is beautiful Jules. I love Frank's smile, his hair, and his full cheeks (they remind me a bit of Joe's).

    You have been missed.


  2. Oh, my gosh, that last photo is precious!

  3. Oh I was wondering where you have been! Cooking I see! Your Frank is just adorable and I love the pictures! Glad Pumpy is working out and I am glad you showed your face and are back!!!!

  4. ooh yummy. great photos. i was expecting to see a huge pile of fluffy pancakes. we call those crepes !

  5. Can't wait for the soup recipe! So glad the pump is going well.

  6. I'm up for a good soup recipe!

    Frank is adorable! I remember clutching my throat a time or two when I was child and my mother made SPAM for dinner. :)

  7. LOVE that last picture! Welcome back. :)