Thursday 3 December 2009

We're off!

Five years ago we spent Christmas away from home. We spent three weeks firstly in Canada and then visiting friends in Detroit.

We spent time with good, good people in weather unlike any I had experienced before. It was kinda cold!

Tomorrow we leave Colchester for another Christmas away from home. This time heading to a converted barn outside Quimper in Brittany, North West France. This time there are three of us.
We have plans for lots of fresh air and good food with minimal Christmas madness and consumerism. We want stories in front of the fire. Bowls of Breton cider and seafood stews.
And time together to rest and revive ourselves.
I have packed sacks of books and heaps of knitting.
I'm just home from teaching this evening and now have to pack but I'm psyched enough not to need much sleep. Hopefully I can get some sleep on the ferry tomorrow night.
I'll be back on 29th December and before I go I want to wish anyone that reads my little sparrow of a blog a Christmas filled with joy and laughter and those you love most.

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