Monday, 9 January 2012

Off the needles - tea leaves!

And about flipping time, I hear you all cry (yes, you especially Lise!!).
It is done.
It is washed.
It is blocked.
It is dry (although I regret doing the final drying hour on the radiator as it has lines on it now, but people came by for galette des rois (epiphany cake) and it had to go somewhere and not stay in the middle of the floor in front of the wood stove - sigh).
It is enormous.
Andrew is fitting a new ceiling to the garage today and I ran outside, just after breakfast and asked him to take a few pictures of the cardi and his wife (that's me!) modelling it.
I am not wearing make up, I haven't even brushed my hair, I got to bed past midnight and I am wearing my second favourite dress.
This dress is very comfy but does make me look six months "with child".
I would love to tell you all that the above is unusual for me.
But alas ...
So, on that warning note here it is: Tea Leaves, the baby that took only six months in the making.

And now I am cast adrift, not sure what to knit next.
I am thinking mittens.
Quick and simple and we must surely be due some cold weather soon?
I am sitting here in short sleeves, no socks and the heating isn't even on.
It is MILD.
Better get outside and enjoy it with Frank.
Love to all. Have a good Monday.


  1. Oh, my goodness...I am hardly one to judge slowness! I've still got armwarmers on the hook that I started last winter! Not to mention that I can't knit at all! I'm super impressed at a sweater in 6 months! (but yes, definitely time for a quick-and-satisfying project!)

    Big is good; gives you room for error in laundering. :-) Besides, it'll be extra cozy for the real fashion of every day at home.

    You look great. A good start to a year of knitting for you!

    (p.s. so glad you like the book!)

  2. oh my goodness that looks so warm and comfy and soft and YOU MADE IT WITH YOUR OWN TWO HANDS! amazing. beautiful! well done! :)

  3. It's wonderful! I'm definitely going to cast one of these on this year. I think the fact that it took six months made that moment when you ran outside for photos all the more special ;o)