Monday 9 July 2012


And in the blink of an eye my baby turned six!

 We have been busy celebrating our Boy Wonder with a family party, a party at a great cafe in town with a walled garden and yummy food and lots and lots of Lego.
There were gifts.  A pinata.  A victoria sponge cake. Pass-the-parcel.
I also co-ran a Reiki Retreat the day before the party and am now very tired indeed!
It is Monday evening here.  
My boy has fallen asleep on this day, the day of his sixth birthday, talking to me quietly about Lego and Harry Potter and smiling when I tell him we are going fruit picking tomorrow morning.
And every day I tell him, as I did today, "I love you.  I am proud of you.  You make me happy".


  1. Belated wishes (since he fell asleep) for a Happy Birthday for Frank!

  2. Six already! I do miss those days of babies and toddlers but then seeing them grow into these amazing little people just makes me beam! Lego, Harry Potter and victoria sponge - the perfect party!! Onnea Frank!!

  3. Happy 6th Birthday Frank! Sounds like a wonderful time, hope fruit picking is/was excellent, too :)

  4. Oh, look at those cheeky photos!! Happy birthday, Frank and Happy birth day, Mama xx

  5. oh goodness, sounds like a perfect day! he looks so BIG in that last one. happy belated bday to him!

  6. Happy 6th Birthday, Frank! I hear 6 is the BEST age to be!