Saturday 16 March 2013

Dorset Tales :: Stonehenge

En route to Dorset we passed, and stopped off for lunch and a run aorund at, the awesome Stonehenge, just by the side of the A303.
It is around three and a half hours from home and we were more than ready for a break by then, even though we had already stopped off for coffee an hour or so beforehand.
From the road it looks tiny, really.

And yet, from up close it is stunning.  
Considering that many of the stones that were originally there are no longer in place, it's amazing to be able to get so close to this beautiful monument.
And look at how close it is to the road!  
See that lorry there?  
It feels wrong but that's where it all is.  Right by the road.
It's a small island this island of mine!

And I leave you this time with a promise to post more photos from the trip and a little film I took of Frank enjoying the best bit of Stonehenge!  Forget the ancient monument and what it mght all mean and "Look at that puddle!  Oooh, it's good I have my wellies on!".


  1. Boys & puddles are made for each other!

  2. love how kids are able to find their bit of enjoyment no matter what! Looks like a wonderful trip for you, too :)

  3. Love it. Thank you for the great pics!