Sunday 19 December 2010

Phestive Photos

It snowed again yesterday afternoon and into the evening.

Big languid flakes fell for a long time and now and our little world looks amazing.

We took Frank out on his sled and to the local shop where we stocked up on milk for hot chocolates. Even the front door is all dressed up for the season with it's wreath.

We posted some cards for our elderly neighbours as they couldn't get out and the little post box near us looked so lovely all covered in snow.

And I finally photographed the three angels Frank and I made last week.

This first one is Andrew in angel form, complete with beard.

Then there is me with stars in my long brown hair.

Followed by Frank the angel covered in garish stickers.

And the Manly Apron is complete!
Here is the man himself modelling it. I needed him to try it on to get it right as I very much winged it with the shape and size.
Frank wanted in on the posing action too, so you get two for one on this photo.

We enjoy these quiet days of staying home and hanging out together.
Tomorrow sees us at an early Winter Solstice celebration with friends and on Tuesday we will have our own little family celebration based on some of the ideas I have been soaking up from the latest Rhythm of the Home.
If any of you are unaware of this heart-warming and inspiring online resource I urge you to take a look.
Happy Sunday to you all.


  1. I love seeing the pic of Frank and his Dad...with the "manly apron"! It looks fabulous. And, the red post is so adorable. It looks so authentic and old fashioned-y...very cool. And I am with Frank...the more garish stickers the BETTER!!!

  2. Cool apron!
    Enjoy the snow. We still have none. I think you have our snow?

  3. Aww..I am so jealous! That snow looks so lovely and just in time for Christmas! Enjoy your time together and happy Solstice And tell Mr. Muffinmoon he is rockin' the apron!

  4. I miss the snow! Last year at thyis time we had 20+ inches on the ground. This year only a couple of inches. It's just not winter without lots of snow!

    Your photos are beautiful and I especially adore the red post. (Wow, I just realized I used the same terms as Reyna . . . maybe I am spending too much time online!)

    Anyway, thanks for the beautiful post and for the link. I am off to check it out right now!