Wednesday 15 December 2010


This is all I can say.
Just finished breakfast and checking comments on my post from yesterday.
Found this.
Sorry to disappoint you but the way you feed the kid and your perfidious I heart insulin slogan is a premature death sentence. Do some reading if you really care about the kid. I'm pretty darn serious and know your reaction in advance. You are wrong. Insulin kills and this is a fact.
15 December 2010 01:58 "
How helpful.


  1. Jules, I wrote the comment below on someone elses blog the other day after reading another nasty comment, but it fits here too - the wonderful thing about diabetes is that you can control it. The tragic thing about fundamental stupidity is that it tends to be untreatable. Be glad Frank is the diabetic not the idiot and keep going, you're doing great.

    Alison @

  2. Ah "speachless" for once - hehe.

    Unbelievable. Clearly this commentor needs to do some reading and should not be making uneducated comments. I almost typed some other words, but am trying to maintain a professional image here - LOL.

    Big hugs to you and Frank and Big Swifty from the Maher Clan Jules. Keep doing the amazing job that you are by your son.

  3. Well isn't that sweet? Guess she/he doesn't know Type 1 from a hill of beans (which means here in the US that they know NOTHING about it)
    So, with those handy words of advice Jules, carry on dear sister, carry on.
    And I just gotta say it

  4. I left a comment on the original post for her. I'll leave a comment for you here:

    That person is a complete imbasol. I echo Alison's wonderful comment! Hit the ignore button and walk on with your head held up high friend!

    Love and understanding coming your way from California!

  5. Ignore, ignore, ignore the ignoramus. Focus on the wondrous, beautiful, creative and positively inspiring life you've created. And if the ignoramus darkens your thoughts even once, make sure you delete that comment and anything close to it. It has no place anywhere near you. Love n hugs. x x x x x x

  6. WTF?

    (seriously . . . not worth an ounce of your attention.)

  7. What on earth????!!! I don't know that I can add any to what everyone else has said. This person is clearly misinformed about type 1 diabetes and about the wonderful pancreas and parent you are ! Don't give that ridiculous comment a second thought Jules.

  8. I agree with everybody above...ignore, ignore, ignore!!!

  9. I'm sorry you had to deal with a commenter like that Jules. Even if they meant it to be helpful, it could have been put better.

    You are the expert on your own child and clearly what you are doing is working for your lovely boy x

  10. I just saw terrible. I'm sorry and have been thankful for all your posts, I hope these idiots stay off your blog or at least gain a little bit of honest insight before posting another comment.
    Take care and enjoy the holidays!