Monday 9 May 2011

D-Blog Week - Admiring Our Differences

I am struggling this week.

It's not the D, it's just me. I seem to be walking through treacle and can't get a grip on things.

However, I have decided to have a go at Diabetes Blog Week as it was such a positive experience last year and hubby is away again (cycling through Scotland for a week).

So, thanks again to Karen for organising this all over again.

Maybe blogging each day will shake me out of my brain-fog!

Every person dealing with diabetes in their life, either as they have it themselves or they care for someone who has it, has something to teach us all.

We are all learning every day with every carb counted and in every situation.

It can never be taken for granted.

I stand in awe (well, generally, I sit on the sofa in awe) of the D-parents whose blogs I follow. Mostly I am in awe of how they manage to be so witty and "together" on-line when I know they must be feeling as knackered as me!

There is much to learn from others with D.

So very much.

There is beauty and sadness and there are tricks and ideas.

There are breathtaking photos and poignant ones too.

There are coping mechanisms and sympathy.

But most of all there is humour.

Without it none of us can survive and remain sane.

It is the only way to live with the day-to-day reality of having a child with diabetes.

You have to smile and laugh and see the dark, and sometimes downright black, humour in it as often as you can.

And I am so very grateful for you all.

On that note I leave you with some links to hopefully make you smile:

this always has me snorting out loud, rather unglamourously

This guy too, love him and how he performs and thinks

and this is my mantra, when days are long and hard and nights longer

See you tomorrow...


  1. The Vader in the lunch line getting the effing tray is PRICELESS...AND what is with that guy's boots!?

    Me too....the humor saves me time and time again. Love to you and your fam Jules.

  2. Oh the humor - YES! We must or we shall all go crazy!!!! Thank you for all your support and kind words and just being there, even though you are thousands of miles away. And I adore Natalie Merchant!!!

  3. Yes!!! Humor...very, very important! Sometimes you just have to laugh or else we would all be crying. Laughter is medicine for the soul :)

  4. Someone once said (and I'm too lazy to look up who); wasted is the day we have not laughed.

    I believe that with all my heart. Thank you for my laugh today!

  5. aw man, big love for eddie and dylan and natalie too. thanks for the smiles. :)