Wednesday 11 May 2011

My Biggest Blooper

Thank you all for you sweet comments yesterday. I am always so buoyed up by hearing from you.

Today's topic is bloopers and I have remembered my worst one.

It is fair to say that I tend to be more organised than my husband about taking all the kit necessary out with me. The bag I carry is huge and it's generally full of D-kit, juice boxes, water, snacks, wet wipes, tissues, camera, purse, phone, hand cream, pens etc.

I am also sometimes a bit short-tempered with my husband about not being organised.

However, one day I took Frank along to a music class. I parked and we went in. Halfway through the class Frank mentioned that he felt "wobbly". I calmly reached into my bag for his kit and kept reaching. I rummaged, I went from feeling for it to looking and then realised that I must have left it at home, a good ten minutes drive away.


I didn't let him see my panic but did have enough juice on me to just deal with it anyway.

I spent the rest of the lesson feeling like a failure and tested him as soon as we got home. He was fine but at a number that indicated I was right to just give the juice anyway.


Does this even count as a blooper? I cringe to read it as I can't believe I did it.


And another little anecdote with hubby taking centre stage this time (he's away in Scotland and so won't see this for a week! Wa ha ha!).

When Frank was newly diagnosed he had a hypo in a cafe just as we all sat down to eat. We were so very new to it all we weren't yet in the habit of having juice on us, and multiple boxes at that.

We were such rookies.

I realised Frank looked glassy-eyed and tested him. He was low. We had no juice so I asked Andrew to run up to the counter and get juice really quickly.

There was a queue.

He joined the end of it, in true British fashion; he just didn't want to jump the queue!

I called out to him to jump in and explain later.

But he couldn't do it.

I ran up to the counter, apologised and asked for juice really quickly, explaining that my little boy needed it as he was experiencing a low blood sugar problem and I'd be back to pay later.

Frank drank the juice, felt better then went to sleep.

Poor Andrew looked crushed but in all honesty, I don't think he'd do it any differently if it were to happen again.

It's just who he is.


I know these don't seem funny and will probably recall something hysterical as I am brushing my teeth in a couple of minutes.

If I do then I'll post it very soon.

See you tomorrow.


  1. Funniest line -
    (he's away in Scotland and so won't see this for a week! Wa ha ha!)
    We all goof, we all learn, life goes on.
    Me too, great blog ideas while brushing my teeth at night, but I'm too tired to write them down. Ah, well.

  2. Oh man have I goofed and I was thinking the same thing about my bloopers...thinking I would think of something better than my old ones once the dust settles from this blog week busy-ness.

    Great tales...and I hope Big Swifty is having fun in Scotland!

  3. What a polite sweet man. Waiting his turn!
    Good thing his wife isn't afraid to jump in front of a train to fix things up!

    Hope your guy is having a good/safe trip!

  4. Hee! Loved the one about him waiting in line... it's something any good Canadian would do too!

  5. So I'm less organised than you? One question. Look at the CDs, and the food in the larder. Which of these is in alphabetical order?

  6. I thought those were both funny bloopers - although you shouldn't be so hard on yourself for forgetting the kit. I really loved imagining your husband insisting that he wait in line for Frankie's juice, and you just cutting in!! LOL