Monday 5 September 2011

Lookin' Good Mr. Ruben!

May I introduce my friend Sue's little man, Ruben?
This season Ruben turns one and will be sporting a fabulous new vest with a little owl cable down the front and knitted by his Mummy's friends Jules.
And he wears it well, doesn't he?!


Not much blogging this week as Frank has gone down with a fever and I find it hard to be upbeat and bloggy at times like this.
He is off his food and we are keeping a close eye on him.
I am knitting lots whilst he sleeps and we have been doing some colouring and watercolour painting and watching of The Blue Planet when he's awake.
Back soon. Love to all.


  1. oh Jules I hope he feels better soon and that you're all able to get rest. Illness with d is so incredibly stressful. Take care :)

  2. Hope he feels better soon hon!

  3. Oh, my heart goes out to you and Frank. I hope he's well soon!

    (and the vest, and its model, are beautiful!)

  4. I hope Franks feels better soon Jules!!! xo

  5. Ruben does indeed wear it well - I love that owl cable!

    I hope Frank feels better soon and that you have a lovely time away x

  6. Fabulous sweater and Ruben is doing it justice . . . so handsome!

    Feel better, sweet Mr. Frank :)

  7. beautiful vest!

    here's hoping frank is feeling better soonest!!