Saturday 19 November 2011

Making & Hiding Out (d'you see what I did there?)

tea cosy for my sister for Christmas
Frank making golden bicycle wheels at our little class "Art Makers" at the new gallery in town : firstsite.
my tiny stash of very special material made into a little clutch bag, which I am using for small knitting projects. Note the reality of my crafting and do not for a moment imagine I have a "studio" or anything! Nope I craft right alongside the Lego and the puzzles.
updating the nature table with gnomes and gingham hearts from the Christmas decoration stash
Budd making a fabulous shed in the garden, he has worked really hard all week on this, whilst I have worked hard to keep Frank out of his way

Me, making a golden bicycle wheel, taken by Frank

It has been busy around here with us making, building, creating ...
I finished the tea cosy for my sister for Christmas and am now making very few things for gifts. I made loads last year and it stressed me too much. Crafting and creating is something I do a fair amount of but I want it to kind of unfold naturally. I don't want to be handing over a gift that is only going to receive a lukewarm reception (it happens A LOT!) after I have sat up late trying to complete it. So this winter it's just a tie for Budd, a cowl for Frank and a couple of other gifts before I just knit for pleasure alone.
And next year I have already declared the year of knitting for ME!
That is going to be fun.
This week Frank and I enjoyed our second art class at the fantastic new gallery in Colchester: firstsite.
And Andrew has been spending the week building a shed in the garden; leaping out of bed once it is light and beavering away until it's dark.
He has done an amazing job.
And onto the hiding out.
I have kind of been ignoring Diabetes Awareness month and not blogging about diabetes.
I think I have reached one of those phases of burnout and am just going with the flow.
In planing what to say here today I wondered if I should admit this.
A great deal of awe is felt here by me when I read other blogs, especially this month.
My stamina seems to have gone AWOL for November!
And, guess what, I wish it hadn't but I feel absolutely no guilt about it.
If I have learnt anything from this carousel of parenting a child with Type 1 Diabetes it is to trust my feelings and emotions and gut reactions to life and my moods.
I appear to have needed a quiet blogging month.
It certainly isn't all tea cosies and soup over here.
We have too many hypos and some ratios that have needed tweaking.
But the nights have been comfortingly predictable (for the first time in about nine months, I realised the other day! Jinkies! No wonder I look 93!).
And this much I know:
Even when I lapse in regularity in my blogging.
Even when I am a bit lightweight with my post contents.
Even when I can barely function of an evening.
I feel the energy of all the other D-parents and D-friends out there.
Not in a weird way, just in a supportive way.
And I know that should I need to reach out, even after an absence, everyone is still there.
Just as I am.
Still here. Still there. Still reading.
Still Frank's Mama.


  1. All those things you are, Jules and more.
    It was great seeing you yesterday, even though I was on the end of a virus or something that made me feel foul, it was lovely to have a few hours of just being me and talking to you being you.
    I am so in awe of everything that you have had to become in order to allow Frank to be the person he is. It is a million miles away from the type of parent I have become and yet, we connect and I feel your support and I hope you feel mine and .... I think you are just great!

  2. Glad you're back, and that you're taking the time you need. I certainly understand!

    I love the picture of Frank decorating; wow, does he look grown there!

  3. Ooh a shed, you've just got to have a shed!

  4. Lovely...I have been AWOL right there with you. I feel the energy too even though I haven't really been reading or writing. The new art classes sound wonderful! You have been on my mind this week as we are re-reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and just finished The Twits!

  5. Oh Jules, what a lovely post! Even though each of us slip away from the DOC, we are all still here for each other.

  6. There are nights that that 'energy' is the only thing that drags my butt out of bed!
    Loving all of the crafty pictures...totally need to take the time to do some of that around here!!

  7. Jules I am right there with you - it has not been diabetes awareness month at our house. With school and everything I have had to realign my time, and dare I say it, I've been allotting a bit more to myself. It feels lovely to knit a piece that I know the recipient (myself!) will thoroughly enjoy. I'll also admit that I've missed your blogging only because your post give me glimpses of such a calm loving home...sometimes I feel so preoccupied with so much that just seeing a simple picture of what you and Frank are up to reminds me that all over the world mothers are dealing with this same thing, and still making the most of their moments. You are a gift to me. Thanks for keeping us updated and enjoy your crafting :)

  8. Jules, you are an inspiration too - showing the everyday happy things is an important part of flying the flag for parents dealing with difficult times x

    Those luke warm reactions are brutal to take, aren't they?! I'm toning down my handmades this year, too.
    I'm looking forward to what emerges from your year of knitting for yourself!

  9. oh man can i relate to the bloggy burnout! i just love how you've so beautifully written about still feeling the support, and knowing we'll be here when you're ready to post again. <3

    also, loving the pics and plans for the holidays. just lovely!