Wednesday 28 March 2012

A little road trip

~our spring shadows (I am not really shaped like a turtle! The wind took my clothes and puffed them out!

Um, hi there!
A month ago we had been packing for a three day little road trip and were only twenty minutes away from hitting the road when the call came to say Andrew's Mum was on her way to hospital.
The trip was put on hold until last weekend when we made it to Surrey to visit my lovely cousin Brian and his fab family and then went on to Lewes for the day.
Two days and one night with weather so blue and hazy and gorgeous that we returned home feeling like we'd been away a week!
Oh, the sun on our skin!
Oh, the dawn chorus every day!
Oh, road trips with my boys!
~ my favourite picture of the trip ~ can you smell the fresh spring air! ~
~ at the top of Ditchling Beacon, Sussex ~
~ and an Ordnance Survey Triangulation Point at the top of the beacon ~

And now we are home and life is hectic with Andrew working two jobs this week and helping his Dad out a bit too.
Diabetes has been kicking my butt for the past fortnight with high blood sugars over and over again, despite my bolusing like a maniac for every morsel of carbohydrate.
And we are concerned that Frank seems to have lost weight recently and have a hospital appointment tomorrow to look into possible reasons.
I so hate diabetes.
Hopefully it is nothing but a big growth spurt.
My gut tells me otherwise but maybe I am just preparing myself for the worst so I can be pleasantly surprised!
I will let you know what happens but will sign off for today as Frank would like to sit in the sun and hear some Harry Potter.
And life always feels good when the sun is out and the birds are singing and we are reading Harry Potter.


  1. Such pretty pictures . . . so glad you got to take your trip and soak in the sun. As for Frank, will be praying it is a growth spurt. Hang in there, girl.

  2. Ah, Spring...can't wait til we have lovely green grass again! Your pictures make me long for this snow to be GONE!!
    My bet is on growth spurt, too. Hoping that's the issue. :) Bean used to plump up, then grow; but now she doesn't plump as much with D. She tends to lose while growing then put the weight back on slowly.

    1. Ah, Denise, that is so good to hear. I am feverishly hoping it's not his thyroid or the beginnings or coeliac disease. Fingers crossed!

  3. Harry Potter, sunshine, green grass...sounds like bliss. Glad you guys enjoyed your trip.

  4. sending good thoughts to you for your doc's appointment tomorrow. thanks for this lovely update and photos. you describe your lives so well i feel i live vicariously through you with each post. :)

  5. Sending wishes for good news at the doctor tomorrow!

    I'm so glad you had a nice getaway and some time in the sun!

    My computer's been being repaired for a week, and I'm just catching up on all I missed. One of the first things I read was your comment about receiving my package--so glad it was a happy surprise! And what a treat to know something's headed this way, too! :-)

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