Saturday 31 March 2012

A Frank Update

This is Frank.
He has Type 1 Diabetes.
And he needs a haircut!

At the hospital this week Frank was weighed and measured and his HbA1c taken (7.7, up from last time but I am truly happy with anything under eight. So, even though I shall work even harder I am not unhappy with the result).
I had been concerned about Frank having lost weight after he jumped on the scales at home and seemed to be about 5 or so pounds lighter than I remembered from our last hospital visit.
So, at our appointment we looked at the numbers and the results of the blood tests were discussed and all seemed well.
I wasn't too embarrassed at having raised my concerns and was told that I had been right to do so. It does seem that our scales weigh lighter than those at the hospital but Frank is definitely looking slimmer, so I am pleased to have had my mind put to rest this time.
Anyone with a child with this condition will know that it is wise to keep alert to other changes as the chances of thyroid issues or coeliacs is higher in Type 1 Diabetics than in others.
I had convinced myself that we were facing a thyroid problem when in fact, at present at least, all seems to be well.
And I am so very grateful for the comments I received about this.
I found it hugely comforting.
Thank you.
In other news I couldn't resist posting these photos from today as they really made me smile.
They illustrate something that I am aware of every day as Frank and I go about our days: we are wired differently.
We have been working today on making a board game to go into a story sack that were will be giving to another homeschooling family soon. Once we had done our game Frank got all excited about making another and so we did.
Well, I got the board ready with the numbers and then left him to create the game whilst I did some gardening.
Coming inside I brought some hyacinth flowers that were getting past their best and decided to make a spring garland for the front door.
So, I sat with my boy and did my girlie stuff whilst he made his game.
The contrast of what our brains love was wonderful!
I leave you to enjoy the pictures as they reveal our inner selves ...

And interestingly when I spellchecked this, the word coeliacs came up as cowlicks!


  1. Oh, thank goodness; what a relief. (And doesn't he look incredibly adorable in that first photo! Those cheeks!)

    I love your garland! I think I'll introduce that idea to the kids when they come back on Monday. And Frank's monster is great. Wonderful that you can celebrate both personalities.

  2. I'm glad to hear that Frank's appointment was a good one!
    I love your wreath!!

  3. SSSSooooooooo happy Frank is okay. Such extra worries with out little T1Ds. Your garland is fabulousity . . . love it!

  4. such lovely flowers! and i love the idea of the board game, especially the monster drawing.

    glad to hear the doc said all is well for frank. i know what you mean about staying on top of those little changes when you see them. phew!

  5. What is Frank's body temperature throughout the day? Does he have cold hands and feet?

    -Zane of ontario honey