Thursday 19 April 2012

The Pirate King

Sorting through Nana's old costume jewellery, Mr Frank decided he wanted to keep the whole booty in his treasure chest but wear it all at once firstly because "that's just what a Pirate King would do, isn't it, Mama?".

Yes, my love, that's exactly what a Pirate King would do.

Diabetes has been kicking my proverbial butt these past few weeks with disrupted nights and crazy numbers.  
However, we are well; I am just knackered and have lost some of my blogging mojo.
Back very soon though as I miss this space.
Love to all.


  1. Sending wishes for a good night's sleep tonight!

  2. What a fabulous king . . . he should place a royal order for T1D to behave, or OFF with it's head!

  3. He looks like a perfect Pirate King. I hope D starts behaving so that you can get a goods nights rest and enjoy some lovely spring weather :)

  4. he's a very fierce pirate king indeed!

    here's hoping things have settled down BG-wise.

  5. I'm sorry to hear things have been tough - sending love to you and hoping for better days x
    I love the pirate king loot - the proud photo made me grin!

  6. He should use this jewelery as part of a costume for Halloween. What kid wouldn't want to be a pirate.

    -Zane of ontario honey