Sunday 8 April 2012

Off the Needles ...

... no less than two Ishbels!
One in a really not-Jules colour of Golden Phoenix and one in green.
I only have photos of them as they were blocking at the moment but I am wearing them all the time and they are perfect for this cool Spring weather.
I had the hardest time getting to grips with the pattern.
Not because it is difficult but it was my very first attempt at lace knitting and it required some concentration as I got to grips with the pattern and the stitch repeats, whilst generally also playing with Frank.
I am so happy I stuck with it and as soon as I had completed the first large one I immediately cast on the green one so that the whole process would become more familiar.
And I am pleased that I did.
It really is a lovely shawl pattern and would make a great gift for friends.
2012, however, is the year of knitting for me, me, me!
On the needles at present is a beautiful leaf shawl in a much more typical shade of sage green.
It begins with casting on 491 stitches.


  1. They're gorgeous! Good start on knitting for you!

  2. You are so talented, and I am a complete muppet at knitting. I can only do scarves! These are beautiful and I can imagine you wearing them around the house!

  3. beautiful. I bought some lovely yarn to attempt a lace pattern, but I wimped out. I know it can't be too difficult, but honestly it is too daunting to me right now, as if I'd have to focus and count I am SUPER amazed that you made both of those amazing works of art. Great applause from WA to you because I know the focus it takes to make those turn out as gorgeous as they are :)

  4. hellooo. im new to your blog and actually was looking for a shop in Frinton and while googling i found your lovely homely blog ;0)
    Im from the east coast myself but now live in Devon. I had just been on holiday near frinton and visited many east anglia childhood destinations. Its heart felt and moving your words about your son. I have a daughter who is now 5 years- such precious years ;0)
    look forward to following your blog, kazzy x

  5. 491 atitch cast on?! You're a more dedicated knitter than me!
    The shawls are beautiful, Jules and well done on the lace, too.
    You have inspired me to knit more for myself with your year of knitting for yourself.

  6. those are GORGEOUS! keep on with it, i love that 2012 is for knitting for YOU! :)

  7. Hi, nice to virtually meet you... and... oh, those are *beautiful*! You so make me wish I could knit! :-)