Friday 7 September 2012

a milestone

This week saw Frank pass a childhood milestone by losing the first of his milk teeth.
We had been told by the dentist at least three months ago that the two middle teeth on the bottom row were already wobbly.  We felt them and could feel no difference.
But, lo and behold, Mr Dentist was right!
About two weeks ago Frank burst into tears during our evening stories at bedtime and told me his "tooth has broken in half".  After a good peek in his mouth I explained that he just had a wobbly tooth, just like the dentist had predicted.  He cried for a bit then relaxed and got on with being engrossed by the exploits of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third.
Life continued on and the tooth stayed loose but in place. 
Then  en route to my beloved Cafe Knit in Lavenham, to buy Granny Lily a birthday gift, Frank suddenly began crying again as his tooth felt really, really loose and he was a bit panicked about it coming out and bleeding.  
Inside the lovely, lovely cafe the sweet women working there were very kind to him and chatted to him about losing a tooth being really exciting.  He cheered up and enjoyed his juice but declined cake as it might take his tooth out!
The picture below as the tooth in Cafe Knit!  Sooooo close to out, I cannot believe his ability not to wiggle it out!

 And then the following day he was eating his evening apple before bed and passed me a couple of "hard bits in my apple, Mummy", which I threw in the compost.  
About a minute later my friend, Anne, shrieked that his tooth was out!  She was visiting for the evening for a chat and a green tea and was there for this momentous occasion.
We then went through looking for the tooth on the floor and recalled the hard bits in the apple!
I found the tooth in the compost, a teen tiny thing that is now on the mantelpiece until I find a permanent home for it.
Any ideas?  Where does one keep such an amazing thing?
And here he is, Mr Gappy!

 And laughing as I dried his feet after his bath!
 My beautiful boy, passing this big milestone with a smile and a fresh new £1 coin to go towards his Lego empire ...
Back soon with a recipe for Chocolate Gingerbread!


  1. I remember my first tooth being so loose, but being afraid to let anyone touch it! A dodge ball to the face in first grade took care of it, though!

    So far, Bean's teeth are in my jewelry box.

    Oh, and can I just say that I would kill for eye lashes like his?!?! HOLY COW!!

  2. Oh, my gosh, those eyelashes!!!

    And, wow. What a milestone. I can only imagine. Here I am thinking 3 1/2 is just too old to be believed...

    A proper response to your sweet email to follow.

  3. he is so adorable, and suddenly does look a lot older - more the haircut than anything still :) Enjoy the weekend!

  4. So sweet! Somehow he looks older since the last time I saw him too- almost as if losing his tooth has turned him into a proper grown up boy- I bet he is very prowd! (Oh and I agree with Lisa- wow on the eyelashes! Too cute!)

  5. Yeah...forget the tooth!!! THE EYELASHES ARE AMAZING!!!!

  6. his eyelashes are spectacular! i love that reyna of all people commented on them as well. :)

    i remember my daughter's first lost tooth, she swallowed it! glad you rescued it from the compost! :)