Friday 31 August 2012

Autumn Nature Table

Frank enjoyed freshening up the nature table today.  
Autumn is my favourite season as I just wilt in the humid heat of summer and seem to come alive again as the air turns that little bit cooler and the sun sits that bit lower in the sky.
My boy seems to share my love of autumn and the feeling of gathering in and drawing close that comes with the shorter days and longer nights.
For the first time he decided that he wanted full artistic control over the nature table and went to work (once we had cleared it and I had wiped it down a bit) with a selection of the things we keep for it.
He chose to make a woodland scene complete with a fox chasing an unsuspecting duck and two cute hedgehogs setting up their winter homes.
We have two beautiful Ostheimer trees for the nature table and change them around as the seasons change.  

The pear tree here has white blossoms on the other side for the Spring season and then we have  a fir tree for winter.
And so the seasons shift and change.

Also this week we have celebrated, albeit a bittersweet celebration for this Mama, Frank's first wobbly tooth.  
And we step not just into Autumn but into a new phase of Frank's life.  
Milk teeth are on their way out and big teeth on their way in.
We are talking about this as being exciting though my heart is a little sore at all this growing up.
We are also taking chamomilla, a homeopathic remedy for teething as Frank was a bit freaked out about his tooth being so loose.
And this Mama is taking deep breaths as her boy gets more beautiful by the day as he grows towards the man he will become...


  1. Ah, the first loose tooth...such a bittersweet milestone!

    Love the nature table...such a great idea to help welcome the coming season!

  2. I am ALWAYS so amazed at other people having a nature table, we tried it several times and each time the boys found the things on the table too irresistible for chucking at one another, more nature table - maybe in another ten years or so! HA!
    I love that your little guy is getting into the decorating, and loosing teeth - that's big for sure.
    Enjoy your weekend :)

  3. Lovely nature table. The pear tree is gorgeous and I love that Frank took control of arranging things!

    I remember Cameron losing his first tooth. It was such a big deal and he required a lot of soothing for that wobbly feeling that came along with it. After that they just kept on coming - he would come home from birthday parties etc. with another tooth gone and it eventually turned into a breeze for him. Right now he's losing molars and expects big money from the tooth fairy for them!

  4. i love his proud look next to the nature table. autumn is my favorite season too!