Monday 18 February 2013

Prayer Shawl for Newtown

Knitting happens pretty much every day here.  
I knit whilst Frank puts on Lego shows for me.  
I knit whilst we play boardgames.  
I knit whenever I can.  
I like to keep my hands busy and I like Frank to see me do exactly that.  
I've never been one for constantly playing with my mobile phone or my laptop but my fingers are always busy, clickety clacking away with the sticks and string.
And, I knit when friends are expecting babies.  Oh, the joy of those teeny tiny knits!

So, when the core-shaking news came from Newtown late last year I began to knit.  
A Prayer Shawl.  
A Prayer Shawl for Newtown.
in progress

 I am not a religious person but every day I knit a few more rows of this and my thoughts and heart went across the water to those who surely have suffered something that nobody ever should.
Every stitch, honestly every one, has prayer for comfort and hope in it.

from the back (it curls a little but I don't mind that)

The yarn I chose was from my blogger friend Hannah at Home Baked.  
She has a yarn store on her blog and tempted me with a January sale!  
That yummy yarn is Araucania Tepa and it was lovely to knit with.
and from the front (modelled by the woman who wins the award for most uncomfortable in front of the camera ever!)

It will be packed up and sent off at the end of the month after I have paired it up with another that my friend Teresa has knitted.
I hope this shawl comforts someone, somewhere.

I feel glad to be back in this space and happy to share my days again.

Happy Monday to you all.

Prayer Shawls for Newtown link here .


  1. What a lovely idea, and a lovely shawl.

  2. what a beautiful shawl and such a thoughtful piece of art. I have had a hard time just thinking about it all, I hope your gift brings much needed comfort :)

  3. Such a beautiful, comforting gift.

    I love Hannah's wools!


    1. Music to my ears, San ;o)

      The shawl is absolutely gorgeous, Jules - you're so generous and thoughtful x

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