Thursday 18 February 2010

30 Days of Beauty :: Six

After his short day at pre-school Frank and I spent some time painting with the little watercolour set we really like.
We made invitations for Severine to ask her if she would like to come with us to Harwich for fish and chips tomorrow.
I love his choice of colours, he is always very specific and yet also random!
It has been cold and wet today, unlike the balmy sun of yesterday, and we felt a trip to celebrate a good week was in order.

Frank painted the pictures that I drew for him and I took the opportunity to knit a bit more of the wrap I am working on for Sue.

Then it was supper and Frank's new Brio bell train (thank you, Aleksi!) took centre stage, closely followed by a dinosaur, as he ate his fish cakes and beans.
It made me smile when I looked at this photo as I hadn't noticed the diabetes bag and Glucogel in the background!
More pictures tomorrow, whatever the weather, of Historic Harwich and general East of England beauty...

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  1. Such concentration! How I wish we could join you all for fish and chips in Harwich. Sounds the best!