Saturday 13 February 2010

Plastic Creatures

Over the past week I have noticed that whatever I am doing, and wherever I am, I am never alone.
I came home from cycling into town to make a big salad for Severine and myself.
Andrew and Frank had gone to Harwich to romp on the beach and watch the big ships and cranes
I was merrily chopping veg when I realised I had a little helper in the shape of Bob the Builder's friend Lofty. I'm quite fond of Lofty as he lacks self-assurance and so I gave him a pat on the head and chatted to him about the salad.

He seemed pleased to have been noticed.

When you have small children there is no adult only space.
Most of Frank's toys are in baskets and on shelves but there are always a few strays that keep me company when I am doing something grown up.

This lovely little scorpion appeared to help me read my new bread book.

I have yet to work out whether Frank puts them all around the house to surprise me or they just wander off of their own accord when no one is looking and they just want to get in on the carbon-based action.
I have to admit, the little scorpion does look rather like he's about to read the book.
Perhaps he has the soul of a baker...

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