Thursday 4 February 2010

What we do

I was reminded today when Shelagh, the fab diabetes nurse, came to visit us that I had intended to do a quick post about what we do when Frank has a hypo.
We always have juice on us but for Frank a whole carton can be a bit of an overload after a drought.
So, we also carry these with us. Ella's Kitchen brand fruit and veg purees.
The Cat in the Hat does not always accompany them however!
There are lots of fruit purees out there but we like these because they are organic and have vegetable puree in them as well as fruit. I get them in the baby aisle of the supermarket and Frank will always accept one, no matter what mood he is in. They are less messy than opening a carton of juice and can even be sealed if he doesn't finish them.
The packaging says they are suitable as a weaning food from 4 months of age! We are way past that but he did love them when he was a baby (he was 6 months before he tried them) and still does.
The one in the picture has 11.6g carbs per pack.
What do you carry for hypos?
I'd love to know.

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  1. In the house - I have Juicy Juice Apple Juice, the toddler size, 4.23oz, 15 carbs. I also have a stash of those in my office. Can't keep them in the car, they'd freeze; so I have mini packs of skittles. I really don't like skittles so there's little chance I'll munch on them unless needed.
    And - I keep glucose tabs in my purse.