Saturday 26 June 2010

Bereft and chanelling Dr Evil

My second favourite baby has a virus and has had to go off to stay with my friend Tanya and her techie husband to convalesce.
This is why I have been absent since my very lovely and in all respects successful trip to Henley.
Normal service will be resumed as soon as I get the nod that little laptop has a clean bill of health.
I consider my husband the computer addict of the family but have been surprised at how much I miss having my own to use.
He doesn't let me use his much as he is on it all the time and I am, admittedly, a total klutz and can probably break it by just staring at it sideways.
Once all is well again I have posts galore for you all (well, all twelve of you anyway!).
Here is a taster:
  • chocolate fudge cake that had beetroot in it and makes me think of this song as I make it
  • Henley-on-Thames pictures
  • spice-topped hummous recipe
  • the 85 year old that is staying with us at the moment and who sleeps in the garden
  • my latest knitting and sewing adventures
  • my beautiful little boy who steals my heart over and again every day

And in case some of you are wondering how I can write a post when my computer is with Mr Techie Genius...

Husband and small boy are OUT!!!

Husband has no idea I am using HIS COMPUTER!!!

Wa ha ha!

Ok, I am off to stroke a white cat in a deadly fashion now.

See you all soon!


  1. I was wondering where you've been lately!!!

    So glad that you are well and hopefully your "second favourite baby" will be feeling much better real soon :)

    Have a wonderful weekend my friend!!!

  2. When you said your second favorite baby was sick and you had to send him away, I for a second wondered if you were speaking of your husband! LOL! I'm glad all is well, and look forward to finding out who, or what, is sleeping in your garden!

  3. That is funny..I thought you were speaking of your husband as well!! LOL! Don't leave us hanging for too long. As my husband will tell you, I am no good with suspense. I may be poking you with an email on a daily basis until I get some answers:) Looking forward to hearing about all of the above!!

  4. And another music comment..that Neutral Milk Hotel ..I was listening to it the other day and thinking that it is one of the most brilliant records every really is perfection from start to finish.

  5. I feel your pain - being without a computer stinks! I just got mine back tonight after 9 days without it and am now staying up too late catching up with all of you!