Friday 18 June 2010

Drum roll ... and the winner is ...

Wait for it ...
Not long now ...

There it is!
It's a very serious business this random number generator stuff.
Frank took on his role rather well and oversaw proceedings with a sharp eye and the strong sense of fairness every three year old seems to have.
So, congratulations to Jen and if you can let me know your address by e.mailing me I'll get it in the post first thing next week.
Not sure I can promise there will be no teeth marks in the chocolate though as Frank was eyeing it up this morning...
I am determined to do more giveaways as I really loved being able to offer something concrete to people that are so much part of my new D-Mama life.
I didn't enjoy not having a pressie for everyone though.
It's also kind of nice to know that there are lurkers out there.
We all lurk sometimes and are lured to comment when the conditions are right.
Chocolate seems to be a universal condition!
Breaking News:
I am taking a trip, alone on the train (oh, the books and knitting I have planned!!), to visit Sev in Henley-on-Thames this weekend.
Frightened to leave my boys alone but also aware that I can't really complain that I never get any time to myself if I am not willing to take it when it is offered.
The words rock and hard place spring to mind.
Happy weekend to you all.


  1. Hooray! I will email you promptly with my address! Enjoy your time to yourself. I know it is hard to leave your little one even when you know deep down it is necessary to keep yourself sane and healthy. We all need some time away from D to restore our hearts & souls. Have a wonderful and relaxing trip and I will be keeping my fingers crossed that all goes smooth on the D front while you are gone.

    Also, I just noticed Neil Finn on your sidebar..I love Neil Finn & am wondering if that is a new one? I think I will have to go google it!
    Take Care!

  2. CONGRATS Jen!!! I know you will be enjoying your tea and chocolate :)

    Jules, enjoy your weekend and take it all in...those moments don't come around too often, your boys will be just fine and hopefully D is well behaved while you are away on your trip!

    (((hugs))) ENJOY!!! And Congratulations again on the 100 posts, that's a wonderful milestone :)

  3. Enjoy your trip away. No guilt allowed. You can have a few minutes of worry, and that is it! Have a wonderful time with your friend!

  4. Yeah, we're doing fine. There's now a wooden trainset the length of the house....