Monday 14 June 2010

Preparing for the coronation

Today, whilst the boy wonder was out at pre-school, I ran up this nifty little number for his upcoming birthday. It is form this oh, so useful book.
Less than a month to go and my baby is four.
The bee pin cushion is by Amanda and accompanies me whenever I do any craft business. He listens to all my chat and is a keeper of my secrets - a bee keeper if you will (ahem, clears throat and dodges tomatoes thrown at such a bad joke).
Blogger and I are in some disagreement as to whether I have posted one hundred posts or 98.
I think this is number 99 and so my next post will be 100 and rumour has it that means giveaway time!
Stay tuned!
I hope you won't be disappointed and before anyone asks: no, I haven't perfected the knitted and fully-functional pancreas yet, so stay calm!


  1. How quickly they grow! Four years old...that's how old Miss E is but she will soon be turning 5, I can't believe it!!!

    I just love the royal crown :) I'm sure he will feel like a king on his birthday!

  2. Thanks, Connie. He seems so small when asleep but takes up the whole house with his energy and personality when awake! I'm sure he will enjoy being royalty for the day.

  3. Oh, I had high hopes for that pancreas...maybe next year! :)