Thursday, 12 August 2010

Me time

In the half-sorted summer house I have managed a little "me time" this week.Sometimes, in all honesty, this has only meant that I have sat staring at the wall with a cup of tea.
Sometimes I get things done.
A couple of days ago I cut off the legs of a pair of old jeans and made two little "Nature Bags"; one for Frank and one for the child of a friend.
They are worn messenger style and are for all the little conkers, acorns, leaves and feathers Frank tends to pick up when we are out and about.
Frank seems really taken with his little bag and is filling it with all kinds of things that then make their way to the nature table (some get removed by me, held at arms length; he is a boy after all and is fascinated with all kinds of gross things!!) And today I've had another couple of hours and ran up these cute little trousers for my boy to wear around the house.
I love this soft flannel and love checks but they do look so much like pyjamas that I fear he'll get comments if I let him out in them.
I have in image in my head, however, of he and I in front of The Wind in the Willows on DVD and the fire glowing in the grate as we snuggle up on late Autumn evenings.

I hope you are getting a little "me time" here and there and would love to hear what you are doing with it.


  1. I have been sick all week and not having any me time at all (unless you count hiding out in the bathroom and blowing my nose)l so I am very envious.Actually, the little bit of me time I did have was spent fiddling around with a photo editing program on the computer. That was fun...
    Please post about your nature table sometime. I am interested!

  2. The subject line for this post is perfect and your photo is the is even better. Something about his stance speaks volumes!

    I'm inspired by all of your projects and organizing. We're trying to enjoy the last few days of summer before the hectic schedule of fall sets upon us. -Linda

  3. Jen, I will post very soon about the nature table as it is changing every day at the moment as we collect more nuts and feathers to add to it.
    Linda, Thanks for your lovely comments. It has really helped me find more energy by clearing stuff out and by setting a time limit on the task.