Sunday, 1 August 2010

Scenes from our weekend

And a fun one it was too!
Frank and his best friend , Halim, went on the big bouncy slide in Castle Park. They just adore each other's company. We had yummy apricot and walnut bread from our fab bread stall at the market and hydrangeas from the garden to make breakfast pretty (I adore these blousy flowers).
Er, we had croissants from the market too.
With my homemade strawberry jam, which didn't set but tastes wonderful.

We made Nutty Noodle cookies (and, yes, that is a Moomin apron!).

And what can you say about a gorgeous boy, who when asked if he's OK to have his insulin now rather than in the lounge on the sofa, lies down on the kitchen floor immediately and prepares himself for his shot?!
He made me giggle so much and feel so grateful for his can-do attitude.
I loved the spread arms like The Angel of the North.
P.S. He has spent the weekend sporting an eye cold pack he found whilst rummaging in the basket in the bathroom.
He uses it to be a superhero!
What a boy.


  1. His spread eagle on the ground could be my favorite shot position ever - he is a doll!

  2. I'm just now catching up with some blog posts. Frank's can-do attitude is truly amazing! :D

    And as far as your 'judged' post, I must agree with the other commenters who said it more eloquently (and in a more timely fashion!) than I. We have all had people look at us sideways at least once and all we can do is try to handle it with as much grace as possible, which I am sure you did.

    Thank you for sharing your words and lovely images from your life.