Tuesday, 16 November 2010


OK, so in tidying up my heaving bookshelves I found I had two copies of this cute book.
It would make a fun gift for someone over the festive season and so I offer to here today.
It's cute and stylish and full of great images and ideas for living more mindfully of our environment.
Just leave a comment by the end of Thursday this week and names will go in a hat for my random number generator (otherwise known as Frank) to pick one out.
I'll declare the winner Friday once I hit the computer.
Good Luck!
Thanks for you comments on the hedgehog house!
Frank and I went out there after supper this evening with a torch but couldn't see anything yet. Apparently during the Winter they snore loudly so we might get audible proof sometime soon!


  1. hooray! please count me in!

  2. looks great, I want in too...btw I love all your posts from your trips with your LO. So adventuresome and relaxing at the same time. Fun to see what is happening just across the pond :)

  3. Is it something that Bridge and Joe would like too? If so I am in. If you don't think so then you can pull me from the hat drawing by Frank...they (Bridge and Joe) are totally into the environment.

    P.S. The Hedge Hog post was the BOMB!

  4. That looks like a lovely book; I'm in!

    Also, I love how our countries are separated by a common language (or whatever the quote is). It took me a moment to realize that by torch you mean "flashlight" and not some flaming branch such as those found in underground tombs in Indiana Jones films. :)