Wednesday, 17 November 2010


A good friend of mine is a homeopath and makes natural skin remedies.
She is a great inspiration to me in how she lives and works and has kindly given me the opportunity to sell some of my handmade, upcycled stuff at the Christmas Open Evenings in her home.
The first one was this evening and we spent the afternoon setting up. My little bits and bobs looked so lovely in her pretty home and I don't really mind if they sell or not, I am just so pleased to be putting my work out there.
I gave up teaching a year ago now to be at home caring for Frank, and have not regretted that for one moment.
However, I do miss making a little money for my family.
Maybe this is a way to do that?
Next stop an etsy shop, eh? (Joy and Peace bunting)

( Lavender hearts with vintage buttons and lavender dream pillows)

I will keep you posted about how it all goes.
Being creative in this way is healing me so much after the shock of Frank's diagnosis.
Who would have thought that some answers can lie in recycled materials and local lavender?!


  1. Good luck! It all looks great!

    I've been fascinated by your hedgehog house stories, by the way. I swear hedgehogs only exist in British children's books--only place I've ever seen them, anyway!

  2. Love the banners and your hearts Jules! I think it is great that being creative is your "therapy". For me, I think it may be my blog and all of you guys. I love writing, sharing, and commenting... (((HUGS)))

    Let us know how it goes...and keep us updated on the Etsy Shop if it comes to fruitition.

  3. Oh everything looks so lovely! You would definitely find yourself at home on etsy! I say go for it!