Monday 15 November 2010


So, it's mid-November and many of you are slogging your way through a month of posting every day. My thoughts are with you a lot over this and I am in awe of anyone that can do it.
For a little light relief I offer you a perfectly formed example of English Whimsy!
Brace yourselves for ..... drum roll .....
THE HEDGEHOG HOUSE!!!! I kid you not. We had considered chickens for a long time but decided that a) as Frank is a bit scared of them at the moment and b) Mr Muffinmoon doesn't eat eggs that we might be better off with a hedgehog.
OK, so it won't help us with omelettes or cakes or even company but how seriously COOL is it to have a hedgehog house in your garden?

And it only cost us Mr Muffinmoon's time as he is a master at cobbling things together from bits of wood lying around. We figured the hedgehog wouldn't mind so much whether Martha Stewart had been in to decorate.

It sits awaiting an owner towards the back of the garden and in the shade of our neighbour's oak tree.
We have covered it in soil and leaves and hope to report back with evening sightings of our hedgehog.
Happy Hedgehog Monday to you all!


  1. I know that I have never seen - a hedgehog house as beautiful as - that one!
    Can't wait to see your photos once a hedgehog becomes your lodger.

  2. That is just fantastic!!! Post pics when he decides to move in!

  3. Ah...not quite sure what to say on this one. This post is right up with your knitted fuzzy bra Jules. Love it! Does a hedge hog normally reside in your backyard?

    P.S. Mr. Muffinmoon is the bomb...and Frank must be stoked!

  4. So love this! Yeah..who wants chickens when you can have hedgehog indeed! Your photos made Addison giggle like crazy!

  5. I love love love hedgehogs! They are so cute. I can't wait for a sighting! Keep us posted!

  6. Hedgehog House! BRILLIANT! :)