Monday 10 January 2011

The Holy Grail

OK, silly title but there is a giveaway over on Penny's blog that made my heart go all fluttery.
Hold onto your knickers, it's not a free fully-functioning pancreas!
It is, however, the new Holy Grail of lancing devices.
The Delica lancing device has been mentioned on D-Bogs before and I decided to request one at our next hospital appointment.
It hurts less, is quieter and leaves little children with less noticeable holes in their teeny tiny fingers.
We all need kit like this.
We were there last Thursday (HbA1c a bit higher than last time but I REFUSE to feel bad. I accept it and move forward) and I asked about the Delica.
No one had heard of it.
I intend to change that as soon as I can.
In the meantime thanks to Penny and the rather gorgeous Grace for this opportunity.


  1. Thanks for the blog post hon! Even if you don't win, I will send you some Delica meters andlancetss. No little boy should be without one! Gotta save those tiny fingers! And I love the comment you left about Grace's two finger 'salute' in her picture. Perhaps, secretly, we are giving the FU to the D! I will get your address and figure out how to send you the Delicas, let me get thru this stomach bug and giveaway first!

  2. 'knickers' = hehehehehehe. I love that I feel all wordly when I read you blog, Jules. :)

    And, my daughter agrees. The Delica is awesome!!!!!

  3. That is IT...Amy hit the nail on the head! I too feel "worldly" when I read your blog. Thanks for adding a little "class" to my repetoire AND...thanks for the link to the bowling hats!