Sunday 9 January 2011

Not sure what the question is ...

... but I know the answer and mostly the answer is to get out in nature.
Frank has had Type 1 Diabetes now for exactly half his life.
He was diagnosed at 27 months of age and we have now enjoyed the company of the badly behaved house guest T1D for 27 months.
The weather here has been cold and grey but yesterday saw us heading out for a little family trip to Friday Woods near our home and stomping about in the mud.
We ran around, got very muddy, jumped in the many puddles and then wandered back to our camper van for homemade hot chocolate (milk and chopped up 70% chocolate plus a little raw cocoa for sprinkling - I figure if the boy won't eat spinach he can have raw cocoa for iron instead!!) and ginger biscuits. It was very healing and calming.
I have been feeling a bit blah for a couple of weeks and am only now beginning to come out of it.
Stomping around in mud helped a great deal and I would highly recommend it!
Another great puddle awaiting its fate from the Boy Wonder.

The hills are alive with the sound of stomping.

Friday Woods.

My boys.
On another topic, thank you to everyone that commented on my post about our wet nights.
I had really thought we were alone on that one as I know no one else going through it.
Should have asked you guys months ago, hey?
Big British hugs to all (that's with a cup of tea in one hand and wearing a bowler hat. We all wear bowler hats ...).


  1. I will never have D for half my life unless I live to 110. Probably not going to happen. I'm sorry Frank has to.
    First, I love the photos. Just looks like fun and, so peaceful.
    Second, I always tell people that I learn so much from D-Moms & Dads. I never ever thought about D-children and "wet nights." It makes sense, I just didn't think about it. I'm glad you wrote about it and even gladder that others wrote to support/console you.
    D-Bloggers are wonderful!

  2. What the hell is a "bowler hat"?

    And...great pix and I love being outside. Zero and above, I am out. It "de-stresses" me and puts me in a better place.

    Your guys are the best Jules!!! And...glad you got some support on the wet nights. I never posted due to Joe's age. We are just now having dry nights. YAY!!!

  3. Oh sweet Frank! He is so very lucky that he has a great Mama like you, and you are so very lucky he is yours.

  4. beautiful...

    I love the leaves. Living in the desert, I have to admit that I miss the leaves -- the crunching underfoot, the smell, the sound they make when wind rustles through.

    Your pics have brought me to a very warm, fuzzy, nostalgic place. I'd like to stay here for awhile.



  5. A trip to the woods cures so much, doesn't it?
    I'm glad it helped you get to a better place x