Friday 21 January 2011

Riding the Dragon Tree

Frank and I headed out to Cudmore Grove on Mersea Island this week.
It was a balmy January day and, after what felt like weeks inside, sunshine on our skin and the sea air did us all power of good.
As you can see, East Anglia is flat and I just love the big skies.
Look at that blue!
So healing. Once on the beach we found this fantastic dried piece of wood and Frank flew it up into the air like the children in one of our favourite books.
Then we larked about on the beach.
I have seen seals off this beach and love it here.
This day we saw all of six other people.

Bliss is a wooden dragon ride with a view ...

Thanks for all your positive comments about the pump arriving.
We got all excited, took photos and then saw the size of the manual.
It's now all back in its box waiting for training day.
I will look at the manual before that but it feels like being given a space ship and a manual and being left to work it out.
I know, from my years as a teacher, that I am intrinsically a team player.
I like to discuss and confirm and learn best that way.
Bring on the training!
Back very soon with crafty updates.
I've been sewing and have even been knitting cables, yes, cables baby!


  1. We have been blessed with blue skies this weekend too...we are planning a trip to the beach tomorrow. :)

  2. I may have to put Frank's photo on my monitor. Just looking at it (the top one) made me feel sunnier. Not easy when the bones are pooped from shoveling more snow:).

  3. I hear colleen up there - I have snow mounds that are taller than me piled up around our ice rink Jules! Your blue skies are beautiful...and Frank is sooo handsome! Love that you use the term "larking"...once again you are making me feel more "worldly".

  4. I so love your pictures :) They're so comforting to me!!!! Capturing glimpses of innocent childhood...ahhhh....warm fuzzies :)

    Soon enough, there will be a pump in those pictures...and it will be wonderful.


  5. Caught up this morning. Love the photos. Just wanta squeeze that little feller!

    Good luck with the pump. In no time, you'll be piloting it like you're Captain Kirk and it's The Enterprise!