Sunday, 14 August 2011

Getting the kitchen in order for 30 Day Vegan

OK, so I caved and have returned before the beginning of September!
It turns out I only needed a couple of weeks away from the computer to feel much restored and ready to share my little kitchen with you as I prepare for taking part in Heather's 30 Day vegan course/Summer camp.
I have been sprucing up the kitchen in preparation and have had a great time spending my evenings sorting and pottering.
This is my pantry door. It is more than 100 years old and I salvaged it from a friend.
She used it as the door for her dark room, hence the holes in the top!

And inside it is now tidy and clean.
The spuds from the garden are in the basket and I even harvested all the garlic the other day and strung it ready for use (just in case anyone saw that huge garlic string and thought we maybe had vampire problems here in Essex!)

And I even had a yummy vegan lunch today of corn tortilla chips and peach & apple salsa. This time of year we get about a three week window of tasty, juicy peaches and then they just don't do so well.
I love fresh peaches and intend to make this salsa a lot.
It was so tasty. The meal was finished off with a slice of Nigella's Apple Syrup upside down pie (not vegan but very tasty, though too sweet even for me, and I often cut the sugar in her recipes).
And tomorrow we begin. 30 days vegan. I have yet to 'fess up to the group that I have two big hurdles in this month: one is my Mum's 80th birthday and she loves cheesecake and the other is that we go on holiday about six days before the end of the course to Alkmaar in Holland.
Not only is Holland the land of cheese but Alkmaar has a famous cheese market and the holiday apartment we and our lovely friends are renting is called "At the Cheese Market".
Snowballs in hell spring to mind!

Happy August to all.
I will endeavour to catch up with all your posts very soon.


  1. I love your door..beautiful! I LOVE cheescake but can't eat it due to my lactose allergy/intolerance. I just made a vegan cheesecake..which my husband scoffed at but then scarfed down a piece with lots of mmmmmm sounds! I would be happy to pass on the recipe if you like..just let me know! Glad to see you back..

  2. What a great new header! And your pantry looks fabulous. Good luck with your vegan month!

  3. Beautiful new picture...he's just the absolutely cutest thing!
    Lovely door and fantastic pantry! Good luck with the vegan challenge! We tried it for a while, but the cheese was just too much for us to give up!

  4. Well lookie here . . . new adorable blog header and a freshly cleaned pantry. I'd say you are doing one fine job of living the good life right now!

    I did Heather's Vegan challenge last March, but only completed 25 days due to my mother's death. I so wanted to do another round, but started homeschooling, the insulin pump AND a new challenge was a bit much for me.

    Eat some kale and some rainbow swiss chard for me! Oh, and her family friendly pad thai was one of my favorite vegan recipes :)

  5. what a beautiful new header! :)

    best of luck on the vegan challenge and the challenges within the challenges! love the pantry and door!