Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Taking a Break

We are having such a lovely summer (yes, not enough sleep, blood sugar mostly behaving but with the usual curve balls lobbed at me every day or so) and I am finding it hard to get to the computer.
Add to this, Frank managing to break my beloved camera by dropping it on the garden path! It now makes a sad kind of squeak when it gets used and takes very fuzzy photos indeed. He has decided that is fine for him and so, in his quest to be a wildlife cameraman, he spends a while each day taking lots of pictures of his orcas and shark toys and then showing them to me at high speed.
I need to get organised and get a new camera. It has surprised me how much I miss taking pictures of our days. And the weather over here is just so lovely, the sky so blue some days that the photos would be fabulous!
It's actually a bit too hot for us and we spend part of each days shade hopping and drinking iced water.
Life is good and I am going to sign out for August to enjoy every moment of it.
I am still reading all my beloved bloggy friend's words and will comment as much as I find time for.
Have a fantabulous August and I will be back at this space on 1st September with a summary of our month.
Love to all!

P.S. I am sorry for freaking you all out over my previous post! Perhaps I won't tell you all the story of my Dad playing Hide and Seek with Frank and then just getting distracted by the washing or some such domestic thing and just leaving Frank hiding and not mentioning it to me for far too flipping long ...


  1. Awwwwwwwww, I will miss you! And. Awwwwwwwww, about the camera. Enjoy the rest and come back with renewed vim and vigor!

  2. Completely and utterly enjoy your August!
    and no more hide and seek!!! ;)

  3. Enjoy my friend! We will be here in Sept! xoxoxo

  4. Enjoy your time off! I look forward to your return with new pics and stories when you can! :)

  5. ENJOY YOUR HIATUS! Can't wait for the pics :)

  6. enjoy the break. i know what you mean about the weather, i am definitely a cooler weather gal! hope you get a new camera soon - i'm dreaming of a new one myself :)

  7. oh, also wanted to know if you've ever read Gifts from the Sea by Ann Morrow Lindbergh...it's fabulous and I know you'd love it :)

  8. Enjoy and thanks for your comment yesterday. No worries. I don't comment as much as I'd like either, but I'm reading, reading and reading. :)

  9. Enjoy the rest of your summer :o)