Monday 13 August 2012

doily bunting

I have been crafting on and off.
Summer is not a time for lots of craftng for me as Frank and I tend to be out and about or just enjoying the garden.
So I tend to find time when I can fit it in between Lego and making cartoon books and beach trips and gardening.
My aim this year is to only use what I have at home and to buy nothing at all new if I can help it.  
It's a tough one sometimes, but I have a strong desire to clear things out every August and so using up some of my collection of thrifted doilies and table runners seemed like a grand plan.
Enter a little strip of bunting made from doilies and embroidered bits and bobs!
 ~ oooh, choosing the fabric was the most fun! ~

 ~ and in situ it looks fresh and fun ~
Bunting therapy, if you will.
We have had some diabetes-related scares recently but I am saving them for another post.  
Back with more on that tomorrow.


  1. that is so bright and cheerful, I always love whenI can figure out how to utilize what I already have available. Have a great week :)

  2. bunting therapy! fantastic! :)