Monday 28 September 2009

Bench Monday, first attempt

I was working all day today but still managed to cycle into town for a coffee and a look in The Remnant Shop. They have lots of cool fabrics and I am itching to get myself organised with a sewing machine soon. In terms of buying one I have to wait for Christmas money, I think, but my lovely friend Anne might be able to spare hers for a few days before that. I have a big floor cushion to cover and would also like to make some trousers for Frank for spudding about in the garden. A quilt is also on the horizon and I have a lovely feeling of anticipation with Autumn closing in as it means more time to sit in front of the fire and sew or knit.

I also hit the Natural Foods shop in town and bought a few new items like amaranth grains. Reading Shauna James Ahern's "Gluten-free girl" has made me very aware of how I rely on wheat, and in particular bread, and how it can make me quite tired at times. I don't think I have an allergy but maybe a sensitivity. So, I am going gluten-free every other day to ease into making different chioces about what I consume and to build my immunity for the Winter. It is also good research as we have been informed that as a Type 1 diabetic Frank has a much-increased chance of developing Coeliac Disease. Having a few recipes up my sleeve can only be a good thing.

Today is also my first Bench Monday, and I completely forgot until the light was fading and I was tired enough to have precious litte in terms of inspiration. The mango is going to be breakfast and I was giving it a squeeze as I was grabbing the camera to head out for the bench bonding. Next week will be better... Maybe a pineapple...

Once Frank was asleep I spent my evening pottering aimlessly and spending far too long on the internet. Must knock it on the head as I have so many fab books to read and great ideas for soups to get making. I plan to begin this once I have posted my blog. The tea is a triple ginger by Pukka and is just what my brain needed today. Yum.

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